A private wind-powered energy supply, a site of special scientific interest, and an abundance of environmentally friendly measures put in place during construction, all make for that special eco-friendly experience.

Eco Friendly

Energy Sources

Living in an area of unspoilt natural beauty, and appreciating our heritage, we have tried to incorporate efficient and environmental build features.  The existing cottage had no electricity and an undependable private water supply which, for years, were the main obstacles to overcome to develop the site.  With suggestions in the region of £30k for connection to the grid, and unhelpful consultants from large electricity providers, we decided that technology had evolved sufficiently to look into alternative sources.  This held more interest and challenge to us at the same time making us feel we were keeping the integrity of the cottage complete.

Special Scientific Interest

A site of special scientific interest (SSSI) has been established south of the cottage on the farm because of the flora and fauna to be found there.  


The insulation installed surpasses all build regulations.  Energy is provided by a 3.2kw Proven wind turbine with a back up system.  Solar gain is maximised by the huge south facing windows, whilst heat loss is minimised by the double glazing.  An efficient septic tank means no environmental impact.  We offer recycling and composting facilities.  All appliances are low efficiency rated.  The wood pellet boiler and woodburning stove provide heat and hot water.

Behind the scenes eco features? Timber frame and insulation.  Environmentally friendly cladding.  Stone used in the refurb of old cottage reclaimed from old farm buildings.

Cottage Gallery

The cottage is surrounded by stunning views of the Peeblesshire countryside. Click on the images below to get a taste of the surrounding area…


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