A private wind-powered energy supply, a site of special scientific interest, and an abundance of environmentally friendly measures put in place during construction, all make for that special eco-friendly experience.

Availability & Prices




2022 availability and price per week.  Mid and high season are full weeks rental only.  
Off and low season 2 night minimum booking, contact me directly to book. Dogs @ 40 for the first one and £25 for each additional one per booking. Thank you
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Week     Price   Available      
Fri 1st to 8th April   800   yes      
Fri 8th to 15th April   800   NO      
Fri 15th to 22nd April 800   NO      
Fri 22nd to 29th April 700   yes      
Fri 29th April to Fri 6th May 700   yes      
Fri 6th to 13th May   800   yes      
Fri 13th to 20th May   800   yes      
Fri 20th to 27th may   900   NO      
Fri 27th May to 3rd June 900   yes      
Fri 3rd to 10th June   800   NO      
Fri 10th to 17th June 800   yes      
Fri 17th to 24th June 800   yes      
Fri 24th June to 1st July 900   yes      
Fri 1st to 8th July   900   yes      
Fri 8th to 15th July   900   yes      
Fri 15th to 22rd July    900   yes      
Fri 22rd to 29th July   900   NO      
Fri 30th July to 6th Aug 900   NO      
Fri 6th to 13th Aug   900   NO      
Fri 13th to 20th Aug   900   NO      
Fri 20th to 27th Aug   900   NO      
Fri 27th to 3rd Sept   800   NO      
Fri 3rd to 10th Sept   800   NO      
Fri 10th to 17th Sept   800   NO      
Fri 17th to 24th Sept   700   NO      
Fri 24th to 1st Oct   700   NO      
Fri 1st to 8th Oct   700   NO      
Fri 8th to 15th Oct   800   NO      
Fri 15th to 22nd Oct   800   NO      
Fri 22nd to 28th Oct   800   NO      
Fri 28th Oct to 4th Nov 650   yes      
Fri 4th to 11th Nov   650   yes      
Fri 11th to 18th Nov   650   yes      
Fri 18th to 25th Nov   650   yes      
Fri 25th to 2nd Dec   650   yes      
Fri 2nd to 9th Dec   650   yes      
Fri 9th to 16th Dec   650   yes      
Fri 16th to 23rd Dec   950   yes      
Fri 23rd to 30th Dec.   950   NO      
Fri 30th Dec to Fri 6th Jan 2023 950   yes      

Cottage Gallery

The cottage is surrounded by stunning views of the Peeblesshire countryside. Click on the images below to get a taste of the surrounding area…


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