The cottage has always been at the centre of a proud farming tradition. We've taken every step possible to maintain its vernacular in our redevelopment so that your experience makes the most of traditional and modern living.


The Farm

South Slipperfield is a traditional upland farm extending to around 1000acres including Mendick Hill.  Beef cattle and sheep production having been the main source of income since Hamish's grandfather bought the farm in March 1957.  The farm at one time was probably part of an estate with the main dwelling being at nearby Slipperfield House.

The Cottage

Hardgatehead Cottage is in the middle of South Slipperfield farm, sited on the main roman road  and drove road south from Edinburgh to Lanark.  It is on this site in 1585 that a group of noblemen - the Rebel Lords - met in order to plan the recapture of the young  James VI, also known as the Raid of Ruthven.  The plan failed and the leader, the Earl of Gowrie, was later executed.

It is unclear when the existing cottage dates from.    In more recent times the last inhabitant of the cottage was the farm grieve and his wife Mr and Mrs Johnston Who vacated it around 1960.  The couple were offered alternative accommodation at one of the other farm cottages closer to transport and being a bit more comfortable with electricity, but they preferred the remoteness and views of Hardgatehead.

During the late 70’s early 80’s the cottage was used by a shooting syndicate consisting mainly of medics from Edinburgh.  They used the cottage for ‘refreshments’ and to warm themselves up.  They occasionally came and ‘camped’ there for weekends.  Still with no power but by installing a very efficient wood burning stove they even managed the odd hot bath!

The cottage has been admired by many passing walkers/cyclists/riders for it’s remoteness and views.  We wish we had a pound for every request to purchase!

Cottage Gallery

The cottage is surrounded by stunning views of the Peeblesshire countryside. Click on the images below to get a taste of the surrounding area…


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