We're always more than happy to share our experiences during the redevelopment of this wonderful cottage, and beyond. We hope that you enjoy our little diary and we'll do our best to fill you in on progress as it happens.

January 2012

A fresh new year and thankfully only an acceptable amount of snow so far! Plenty time yet though.  The storms we endured on the 3rd of January, severely tested our humble wee cottage, but I am pleased to say it suffered no damage at all.  Although the farm and it's cottages were without power for 2 and a half days, the cottage with it's own off grid system was warm and cosy, we were very nearly knocking on the door and asking the tenants if we could borrow the bath!

Returning visitors this year should notice we have managed to lay some concrete and gravel at the rear of the building.  This should hopefully make too-ing and fro-ing from car/shed to house more enjoyable on these wet spells.

We are busy with sheep scanning at the farm and general winter feeding duties, spreading slurry etc.  Spring hopefully just around the corner.......

Spring lambs......

After another long and snowy winter where we were subjected to temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees celcius, we emerged to a beautiful April and a plentiful supple of early grass.  Lambing was a pleasure in the mild Spring and now the fields are brimming with bouncing lambs and calves.

A recent family trip up Mendick Hill, behind the cottage, reminded us how scenic our backyard is. We could see one of the two newly created wildlife ponds which are now beginning to green up. The one closest to our farmhouse having become home to a pair of friendly Mallards.  We are hopeing to see some ducklings sometime.

Things in the local village of West Linton are beginning to hot up this week with 'Whipman' activities.  This is our local festival which begins on Friday with a procession of floats and the installation of the current 'Linton Whipman' and his Lass.  Saturday brings the infamous ride-out, which traditionally saw the Gallant Linton Whipman and his supporters riding the boundaries of the Parish to check they were intact, stopping for refreshments en-route.  We now have a following of around 80 horses, riding approx 20 + miles through stunning borders countryside.  A great fun day out ending with one of several ceilidhs in the purposefully erected marquee on the village green. Whipman week really does have something for everyone with cylce races, sports day, rugby and football tournaments, coffee mornings, wheelbarrow races through the river etc etc.  A week the whole village becomes involved and has a great time.

This is just one of many festivals on in the Lothians and Borders over the summer months.

W still have a few vacancies over the summer months and we look forward to welcoming holiday guests to our wonderful corner of the world.

open viewing day

On sunday 23rd may we should have taken a tally of heads that arrived through the door.  We held an open viewing day for anyone who was interested in seeing inside and we were astounded by the uptake.  On what was possibly the hottest day of the year we have to thank everyone who made the effort to trek up from the village.  Most of the comments received were of the outstanding views surrounding the property which unfortunately we cannot take the credit for!, but we are however revelling in the praise for the cottage itself and its interior. The exercise was highly rewarding and I am sure very valuable in terms of marketing.
Thank you again for all who made the effort to join us.

Tesco Aug 2010.

Yesterday, our highly organised arriving guests, managed to get their grocery order succesfully sent to the cottage to coincide with their arrival.  This is a first for Hardgatehead, it is quite a long and at times a wee bit bumpy, single farm track.  But I spoke to 'Mr Tesco' and thanked him for making the effort to deliver to their door (I was prepared to offload it at the farm and deliver it up myself) But he was as cheery as ever and his only grievance was having to open and close the three gates.  I wish all deliveries were as straight forward...
On a shopping note, we have in the village a fairly adequately stocked co-op which will fulfill most needs, and a very short drive away we have 'Whitmuir Organics' which produces it's own beef, pork and a range of fruit and veg. It also sources other organic produce to fill any gaps. They have a lovely shop, restaurant and gallery which is all worth a visit.  They too can provide boxes delivered for your arrival. 

Open Door Day

The snow has all gone (hopefully), the grass is beginning to grow and we are slowly managing to tidy up outside. On Monday we had a visit from a lovely lady from 'Scotland on Sunday' who is hopefully going to write nice things about us and Hardgatehead for the 'At Home' magazine.  Buy a copy on Sunday 9th May.

We have had so much local interest in what we are doing with this old cottage that we have decided to throw the doors open for anyone who would like to come and have a sneaky peek inside.  On Sunday 23rd May 10am till 3pm you can walk or cycle up to the cottage from the Golf Course or park on our farm road, as we have very limited parking at the cottage itself.  Come for a family walk and have a coffee and chat, discuss our energy solutions and meet our architect.

We would love to see you there, any more info required. Give me a ring or email.

Cottage Gallery

The cottage is surrounded by stunning views of the Peeblesshire countryside. Click on the images below to get a taste of the surrounding area…


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