We're always more than happy to share our experiences during the redevelopment of this wonderful cottage, and beyond. We hope that you enjoy our little diary and we'll do our best to fill you in on progress as it happens.

Tesco Aug 2010.

Yesterday, our highly organised arriving guests, managed to get their grocery order succesfully sent to the cottage to coincide with their arrival.  This is a first for Hardgatehead, it is quite a long and at times a wee bit bumpy, single farm track.  But I spoke to 'Mr Tesco' and thanked him for making the effort to deliver to their door (I was prepared to offload it at the farm and deliver it up myself) But he was as cheery as ever and his only grievance was having to open and close the three gates.  I wish all deliveries were as straight forward...
On a shopping note, we have in the village a fairly adequately stocked co-op which will fulfill most needs, and a very short drive away we have 'Whitmuir Organics' which produces it's own beef, pork and a range of fruit and veg. It also sources other organic produce to fill any gaps. They have a lovely shop, restaurant and gallery which is all worth a visit.  They too can provide boxes delivered for your arrival. 

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